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The Hidden World of Women - What even is a Doula? E19

May 31, 2021

There has recently been attention on the restrictions that face birthing mothers. With only 1 support person in the room mothers are having to choose between having their partner in the room or having their doula there. This led to much discussion around the role of a doula and ‘what even is a doula anyway? And why is it a big deal if they can’t go in for a birth?’ Good questions! I sat down with Kate from Bright Mums to answer these questions and talk about all things doula and discuss ways we can support new parents during birth and after the birth of their child. Of course, we may have gone off on a tangent or 12 as we explored some of the challenges and celebrations that come with bringing a new life into the world and the additional challenges that come with birthing in a pandemic era!

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