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E41 - Experienced Army Mum - The Hidden World of Women

May 16, 2022

This is the fourth and last episode in our ANZAC day series. The series has focused on how the Department of Defence impacts womens lives. Whether that be women as serving members of Defence, or as wives, partners or mothers.  Being connected to the Department of Defence shapes women’s lives and I wanted to speak with women about that experience.

In the last episode I spoke with Tonya, a former Army Reservist and a new Navy mum.  In this episode I spoke with Jill a former Army Reservist and an experienced Army mum.  Jill shares her experiences of being a single mum in the Army Reserves and how inclusive that experience was. Who would have thought that you could bring your kids to training nights at the Army Reserve? I’m going to be honest, I didn’t. 

Jill then spoke about her experiences with her daughter joining the Army and Jill’s experience being the mum of an Army Officer (including having to salute her daughter!). Jill talked about some of the practical ways that you can support your children who dedicate their lives to Defence as well as ways that it impacted her having her daughter in the Army.

Jill spoke about some of the amazing opportunities that her daughter has had to travel the world and how Jill has also had opportunities that others wouldn’t even think of as well as talking about how far the Army has come (maternity uniforms people, pregnant women need maternity uniforms!).


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