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E34 - Intro to Home Schooling - The Hidden World of Women

January 24, 2022

The school year is almost upon us again, someone remind me where the summer holidays went? This time last year I chatted to Cindy in Episode 12 about schooling in uncertainty, ways to help reduce anxiety as kids start school, return to school or perhaps start a new chapter in schooling, you can check out that episode here

As we get closer to the start of the school year a number of parents are starting to consider whether a traditional route of schooling is the best option for their children and family or whether perhaps home-schooling would be a better fit and just what a home-schooling journey may look life. For some families the thought of home-schooling fills them with excitement. Others can be almost paralysed with fear.

In this episode I chat with Paris about her experiences with home-schooling her boys. Paris home-schooled her boys for 5 years and I home-schooled my son for 3 years. Together we discuss the highs and lows of home-schooling, some of the common fears, some of the myths and some hints and tips for parents who are considering home-school for their family.

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