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E31 - Journey into Motherhood, Same Sex Parenting Part 1 - The Hidden World of Women

November 15, 2021

Journey into Motherhood – Same sex parenting

Where do babies come from? Well when a mummy and daddy love each other very much…. But what happens when the couple doesn’t involve a daddy? What happens when it’s a mum and a mumma who love each other very much?

In this episode I talk with Kelly and Sam Pilgram-Byrne about their experience and journey into motherhood. I was amazed to find out that only a short time ago it was illegal for single women and women in a same sex couple to be able to access IVF. If Sam and Kelly wanted to have a baby they would have to take a man with them to the appointment and get him to lie and say he was one of their partners. They did not want to start their family based on a lie (not to mention one of them not being able to be on the birth certificate and the ‘dad’ having custody rights!) They made a decision. They would have to change the law.

Obviously they didn’t change the laws alone, but can you imagine having to change the laws so you can become a parent? I can’t.

HWW episodes are normally around an hour but this conversation dug into places the three of us weren’t expecting. We diverted off topic (surprise, surprise) but the conversation was too valuable to cut after the journey to motherhood discussion sort of wrapped up so I have cut the episode into two parts and the second part will be released in a fortnight.

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