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E27 - Sharing stories of Motherhood - The Hidden World of Women

September 20, 2021

In this episode Emma speaks with Kate about the importance of sharing stories of motherhood. Kate is the online learning co-ordinator at WHWS and Hidden World of You and recently MC’d the perinatal mental health symposium. During that event it was really highlighted how our birth stories impact us. During the symposium it became a bit of a running joke with Kate saying ‘I’ll tell you my birth story’. With a hiccup in the guest schedule leaving this episode without a guest Kate stepped in at the last minute and we thought ‘great, a chance to finally hear Kate’s birth story’.

It didn’t quite go to plan and instead, in the conversation Emma and Kate talk about how we can create spaces to share birth stories, how we can talk about our experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood and ways that we can support mums and create safe spaces.

During the episode Emma and Kate mention that we are trying to create a space where parents can share their birth stories (where mums can share their experiences and where support people can share their stories as well). We see this as having two main benefits, one is a space for people to share experiences that shaped and impacted them and the other is that for expectant parents it can be a village to learn from. If you would like to share your birth story please send it to


In the episode Emma mentions a previous episode where Georg and Joanne share their experiences of perinatal mental health issues, that is available here


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