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E22 - Post Natal Depression Event, My story makes a difference - The Hidden World of Women

July 12, 2021

This is a slightly different episode of The Hidden World of Women. The podcast is brought to you by Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services and earlier this month we hosted two events focused on increasing awareness and decreasing stigma around mental health in the perinatal period. One theme that comes through in all the services we offer is how powerful it is to hear personal experiences and to know you aren’t alone. With that in mind we invited Jo and Georg to attend the event to share their personal experiences with their own mental health in the perinatal period. A big thank you to both Jo and Georg for sharing so openly and freely about their experiences.

Big thank you to Fran and James from Hullabaloo who were the videographers for the event and who were able to provide the audio that we were able to use for this episode.

In the episode Jo speaks about PANDA they can be found here:

Another resource is Beyond Blue

And of course WHWS offer perinatal mental health counselling, groups and courses

Fran spoke about a short video that she produced last year to raise awareness about fathers experience of PNDA

In the outro I shared that in our online learning platform, The Hidden World of You, you can use the code 1FREE to get your first month free. On there you will find a range of courses, workshops, books on a range of topics including parenting and mental health and in the outro I specifically mentioned Not What I Was Expecting course focusing on PNDA as well as a self compassion course and anxiety course. You can find out more from

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